Angels Rejoicing

What another wonderful week in Haiti! This past week, God has moved in some amazing ways through our church and our community outreach program! 

Last Wednesday, we went deep into the village on the outskirts of Acajou to do another community outreach program. Towards the end of this program, two young women came to the front to be prayed over. They lived in the home next to where we were set up, but they didn’t want to actually come to the service because they felt like they had nothing to wear and were embarrassed. Out Haitian Director, Joseph, was not going to let that stop them from coming, and brought them out of their house to sit them at the front of our church. After being prayed over by our pastor and a few women in the church, those two young women decided to give their lives to Jesus! It was such a beautiful sight to see as the entire church enveloped them with love, prayers, and hugs. Whenever I see someone get saved, I love to picture how heaven celebrates, with everyone jumping, smiling, hugging, and being in Haiti, you get to see a little of what that might be like. The next night, when these two young women returned to our church, everyone was celebrating, we danced, sang, hugged, and circled them to pray over them for over 30 minutes! It was such an incredible sight to see, how they truly celebrate the magnitude of what these girls had done, they weren’t just celebrating their decision that day, they were celebrating the fact that two beautiful souls have been saved! 

Last Friday night we also had another wonderful church service. After the message, the entire church gathered in a circle to pray together. During this time the Holy Spirit was so present, and moved in mighty ways through some of our young people. Everyone was so consumed with prayer and praise that the service went until 1:30am! Although exhausting, it truly was amazing to see our young people so obedient to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. 

We also had another wonderful Sunday afternoon program this week! Our children’s program was overflowing with kids wanting to come to learn about God, and they heard a wonderful message on waiting on the Lord. We also got to learn and go over a few worship songs in English in preparation for our big celebration coming up in May. Its amazing how quickly they can pick up songs in English, and always so wonderful when they recognize the song, and can repeat it back to me in Creole after! 

I also got the chance to meet with another missionary who works for a nearby organization this week, which was wonderful. She has been working in Haiti for 20 years and moved here when she was around my age, so its so wonderful to be able to know her, and have her be able to give me guidance and advice as I continue to live here! 

God is continuing to do incredible things everyday in Haiti and I can’t wait to continue to see him do more!

2 thoughts on “Angels Rejoicing

  1. Sophia, I am sitting here on Good Friday evening and marveling at the wonders of God. As these two women were welcomed into the church service, you were able to love them as Jesus would love them. I love the thought of the angels rejoicing in heaven over 2 more saved souls!!! I absolutely loved reading this week’s update. It brought memories to me of youth retreats and the movement of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of young people. I pray the fire of the Spirit burns with passion and intensity as you reach many more souls for Christ!!Love you and am keeping you in my prayers!!

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    1. I am so happy to hear this! And yes, it really does remind me of our youth retreats too! Its so amazing to see God working in such powerful ways in young people’s lives! Thank you so much!!


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