Preparing for a Team

What a wonderful few weeks of being back in Haiti! Things have been incredibly busy down here, in preparation for our first full missions team of the year! We have a group of 28 people coming down, to do some work projects around the property, and run a children’s Bible camp. Included in the 28 people will also be our two summer interns. We have been blessed with the opportunity to partner with Christ for the Nations College in Texas to have 2 college students studying world missions come to work with our ministry for 10 weeks. These two young women will be able to experience a small taste of what missions is like, along with observing in the medical clinic, assisting with English classes, help to obtain information on our Aslan children for their school sponsors, and many more projects! We are so thankful for this program, and hope to eventually transition this internship program into a full missions training school right here on our land. Three years ago I was able to be one of the first interns our organization sent down, along with another young woman. We stayed for 8 weeks, and were able to learn so much, and help give feedback to shape the internship program for the future. Now it is incredible to be able to see our first group of “outside” interns coming into the program. I cannot wait to see all that God is going to do in these young women’s lives, and how he is going to use them within our ministry! 

The missions house has been busy and buzzing in preparation for the big team coming down! I am always so amazed at how hard our guys can work, and how incredibly fast then can get stuff done! Our whole missions house has been getting a fresh coat of paint this week, inside and out. We also have had 2 men hand digging our well deeper, to ensure we don’t run into any issues with our big team coming, because its been very dry here for the past few weeks. It has been the most facinating thing to watch as they pull up buckets and buckets of rocks and mud, with one man in the well breaking up the earth, and the other man up top pulling up the buckets to empty them. It really is incredible how much they can do without any type of special equipment or tools! We also had a great trip into the big city, Cap Haitian yesterday to finish up some shopping. They have a large Home Depot-type store there, and we were able to go and buy 30 new chairs for our big team, a new stove for the family so they don’t have to worry about cooking for 30 people over coals or an open flame, and some new fans for the bedrooms upstairs. 

Things have also been going wonderfully in our church! We are preparing for our Baptism service in a few weeks, and we have many people, young and old, who are so excited to get Baptised! Our Haitian Pastor has been doing classes with them, to make sure they understand the importance of Baptism, and why we do it. We have also continually had so many amazing things happen in our church. We often have a time of prayer after the “offical” service has ended, and the Holy Spirit has just continually moved at this time. Just last night we had an older woman come up for prayer. She had been having issues with her leg, and it was very painful and difficult for her to walk or stand up. She sat in a chair and many of us gathered around her to pray over her. After we had prayed over her for a while, we circled around her and just began to sing worship songs. As we were singing, she jumped up out of her chair and started dancing around! She was smiling and dancing and didn’t look to be in any kind of pain at all thank God!! It was so amazing to see God work in this womans life, and we are so thankful for her healing! We also had another new person attend our church this week. He had been deep into voodoo and didn’t want anything to do with God. He lives right outside of our property, so some way or another, he ended up at our church service on Sunday morning. He decided to give his life to Jesus, and make the decision to follow him. It is always so amazing to see how God is just continually pulling people away from voodoo and santanic worship, and directing them to our church! I am so thankful to say that last night he returned to our church once again, but this time with his wife and 4 children as well! God is so good and I am just continually thankful for all that he is doing here, and so thankful that I get to witness it! 

Our English classes are now just around the corner (finally!). We had a bit of trouble starting them up this year. Normally, I come down in the summer, so we don’t have to worry about school, and we can just set a time and the kids will come. But now that we will be doing it during the school year as well, we have been struggling to find a time that will work for everyone. Some kids go to school in the morning, some go in the afternoon, and many of them are in different programs or classes after school as well. However, Lord willing we are hoping to be able to start them next week! Please keep that in your prayers! We also have had a great time finding sponsors for our English students! We had decided to have people sponsor our students, so that we can purchase them school supplies for the class, and an English to Creole dictionary for them to study from! The sponsorship is $30 for one year for one student. The sponsor will be able to get a picture and letters from their child, so they can practice writing in English. We have already have a great response from so many people wanting to sponsor a child, thank God! But we are also looking to get about 15 more sponsors for students. We would never turn away a child just because we didn’t have a sponsor for them, but getting these kids sponsors would be so wonderful, they really do love to be able to speak with Americans, and I know they will just love being able to write to their sponsor! If you are at all interested in sponsoring a child, you can text me at (908)-910-1789, or email me at

I want to thank everyone so much for your continued prayers and support! It has been so amazing to see all that God is doing here and continues to do. I just can’t help but continually feeling like I am just so lucky to be able to be here, and experience all of this. I really am so thankful for where God has me in life every single day, and truly could not imagine doing anything else! 

Bondye Beni ou (God bless you), 


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